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Communication issues and continue in mountains well later years of the period.

These "It Girls," according to the study, obviously have discerning taste in brands.

These are their favorite brands, according to the study. It became iconic after being featured on the show Sex and the City more than a decade ago.

But this focuses on cash-income alone and leaves out the possible effects of non-cash income on the well-being of individuals.

Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue picked out young women ages 13-29 that they defined as fashion forward, and polled these select girls to find out which brands they love the most.

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Given this important role in actualizing the overall well-being of their citizens, it has been (and continues to be) a subject widely studied by various disciplines and agencies- governmental, non-governmental, multilateral, academic, etc.

These studies also have a variety of themes, with poverty being the most common one.

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