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This "landscaped outdoor garden with ambiance lighting" from Handel Architects extends along the east side of Ivanka's playpen, from Spring to Dominick Street.

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Thomas Jefferson "We Shall Never Surrender." Winston Churchill Not all those who wander are lost. As for the building it seemed better in the renditions than it does on those pics.

Since I have no idea when the watch was last serviced, I plan of doing one myself. Finished and sold 8/26/1943 to code# 64-10329 we have not cracked the code for sold to.... no information on how it was originally configured. The chapter ring is labeled with the US Navy "overhaul due" tag, marked serial number 6165, and "1957" is the date of the next overhaul required.

It is cased in the hinged box, however I am missing the larger outer case with the handles on the sides.

An inspiration for so many people, on and off the water, Dave, who was also a talented artist, was known by many as the volunteer head lifeguard in his home town of Ventnor.

First sponsored surfer on the Island One of the most well-known surfers on the Island, many aspired to follow in his path. Gonna miss you mate.”I started surfing in the early 70s and loved the waves and the freedom.

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