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The Board is headed by a Chairman and is usually appointed for successive three year terms.The logo of Heritage Malta is a white uppercase Ħ on a red square.

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Dating between the late-Roman to the early-Byzantine periods, it is similar to the Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni, it houses one of the most important early Christian burial sites south of Rome.Agile Coach/Project Manager Data Engineer Internship – Human Resources Mobile Engineer Product Analyst Product Management Senior Interaction Designer Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer – Web Site Reliability Engineer/Dev Ops Engineer Quality Assurance For more information, go here.Accounting Advanced PHP Development Engineer Advanced System Operation & Maintenance Engineer Advanced User Growth Operations Manager Anti-Spam Engineer Business Operation Business Product Manager Business Product Operations Manager Business Wind Control Manager Cashier Channel Manager Channel Operations Manager Client Product Manager Commodity Operations Specialist Cost Accounting Data Analysis Engineer Data Front-End Engineer Data Mining Engineer Data Platform Engineer Data Product Manager Data Warehouse Engineer Direct Sales Manager Electrical Operations Fixed Commissioner Game Business Analyst Game Community Operations Game Data Product Manager Game Operations Specialist Game Original Painting Designer Game Planning Game Platform Development Engineer Game Project Manager Graphic Designer H-Base Engineer Interaction Designer Illustrator i OS Senior Development Engineer Java Development Engineer Merchants Manager Mobile Social Products Manager Operations Planning Manager Pay Operation Manager Peripheral Product Designer PHP Development Engineer Product Content Editing Product Manager Product Planning Purchasing Assistant Python Development Engineer Safety R&D Engineer Sales Assistant Senior Andrews Development Engineer Senior Content Operations Manager Senior DBA Engineer Senior Java Engineer Senior Product Manager Senior Product Operations Manager Senior Server Development Engineer Senior UI Designer Senior Value Added Product Manager Senior Visual Designer System Engineer Tax Supervisor User Operation Visual Designer Web Front-End Development Engineer For more information, go here.The Official Online Dating and Dating Agency Service for English speaking Singles, Personals and Ex-Pats in Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Malta, South of France, Italy, Cyprus, Madeira, Greece, Greek Islands, Turkey, the Mediterranean and now the UK.IMPORTANT NOTE - SCAM & SPAM CONTROL This is a serious site for who live or work around the Mediterranean.

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