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So, if their incentive is to keep you, then that means you should call them a few times a year and see if they still want to keep you!There is a misconception that a retention offer will be only given to you if an annual fee is coming up, or you had a card for 11 months.The user clicked the link and was redirected to a website which produced a window that advised the user’s computer had been hacked.Another window was displayed that contained a telephone number to obtain assistance.You will be charged this fee when calling our 0861 number.

We’re talking about premium rate calling numbers, and there are many reasons why you might want to call these.During the process the user’s web browser was hijacked.Restarting the computer in an attempt to regain access to the Web produced another message with a different telephone number to obtain assistance.” So while this phenomenon is not new there is a good reason why the IC3 is releasing this PSA.This is a myth, you can start getting retention bonuses after you first cycle closes.That’s right, from personal experience, I’ve had retention bonuses given to me as early as 45 days from my application.

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