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As a songwriter, producer and singer of serious skill and originality, he excels in all three roles on Face Behind The Face.

Out on Fontana North/Universal on Valentine's Day, this debut solo record showcases a shining new star.

It is now his time to take centre-stage, and he seizes his moment with true authority. But, if it's further than new, get her a bracelet or a necklace. Gaspar [Gaspar Noé] is constantly watching films and sending me titles. Yeah, you could have girls or girls on the tours or whatever but that doesnt that you have that person that you can feel normal with. Note that as someinformation changes, it may become out of date. So even though I am successful, I am not completely fulfilled because I dont have a full, pure life with someone who loves me or whatever. Shave Magazine assumes noresponsibility for how this material is used.

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