Kate moss russell brand dating

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Not bad for an Essex lad with a history of heroin and alcohol addiction, who was sacked from MTV for dressing as Osama bin Laden the day after the September 11 attacks, and spent time in sex rehab.His list of conquests includes burlesque dancer Georgina Baillie, 28 - the granddaughter of Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs, 83.Before diving into the ups and downs of Kate Moss’s love life over the years, let’s get one thing straight: She’s never stopped working her camera-ready butt off.Even today, as she wades through the divorce from her husband of four years, Jamie Hince, Moss is celebrating the launch of her new capsule collection of silk shirts and slip dresses for Equipment.However, some of those men turned out to be more than just tabloid fodder, and sadly, many of them also didn’t work out. She’s fallen hard and fast and hopefully learned a thing or two along the way.Here, a look back at some of her longest and most intense relationships then and now. Johnny Depp A 20-year-old Moss met 31-year-old Johnny Depp in 1994 at New York’s Café Tabac.“The world ‘approved’ was stamped on my forehead and I was now to appear in The Sun newspaper as regularly as the horoscopes.” Brand wound up bedding the waifish catwalk queen after a mutual friend said Moss liked his jokes.

"Within the beautiful house we flirt for a while, then under some mutual pretence of looking at hung photographs of Sadie's deplorably gorgeous children we wander off. "Eventually there is no more universe between our lips and so we kiss.

” “Obviously you remember the prettiest girl in your school,” he writes in “Booky Wook 2.” “Her sweeping majesty, her ethereal glow, how the playground floor did not dare besmirch her gentle feet with its lowly asphalt touch.

Kate Moss is the prettiest girl in all our schools.

From supermodels to glamour girls, randy Russell - and his beloved "dinkle" - has had them all.

But in landing Jemima, a charity fundraiser, human rights campaigner and society heiress worth £20million, the lothario has surpassed himself.

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