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Well, in fact Kim Kardashian had him as a boyfriend and Melissa has him now.

w=782" alt="lilit avagyan, reggie bush wife" class="size-full wp-image-739229" srcset=" w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" NFL star and Kim Kardashian castoff Reggie Bush got married over the weekend to Lilit Avagyan, an Armenian dancer and the mother of his child.

Kardashian has now sued the clothing company, alleging million in damages.

Old Navy's ad campaign actually uses a model named Melissa Molinaro.

Melissa Molinaro is the perfect example of a human clone. Melissa Molinaro is not a literal clone, but a virtual clone of the sex bomb Kim Kardashian. What is the second similarity between these two women?

The second similarity is that they both have the one and the same boyfriend.

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