Sims 3 online dating quest

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You may find some near the pyramids across the river, I'd start there first." "That turquoise will keep operations moving along nicely.

(Sim name) gives me all the hard jobs for this operation, typical Morcu Corp work ethic. Anyway the boss didn't properly budget our operations for this quarter. I need you to find 4 pieces of Turquoise, which I can use instead of cash payment.

Could you read this book, then go over the highlights with Ameen Moussa?

""You have read the book so you know how worthless it is.

Dann verschiebe ich die Fotos ins Inventar, aber mein Sim kann die trotzdem nicht liefern... Ich wrde die nmlich ungern abbrechen und mir ne neue holen.

Wei zufllig irgendwer, wie das Problem zu lsen ist? Am Ende hab ich dann nur noch die Quests offen, bei denen ich Fotos liefern muss... Kannst aber die Mission ruhig verwerfen die kannst du neu machen da die dir wieder angezeigt wird nach ner Zeit :) Ich wrde mal die Bilder verkaufen und neue machen.

Hast du schon probiert Bilder mit dem Handy und auch mit der Kamera zu machen ?

"In need of romantic advice and assistance in proving historical rumor for my friend. I need you to speak with a friend, Dalinda Barakat, about his desire to prove his ridiculous theory about his ancestor and Hatshepsut.

Simply put, when any unrelated Sim is near your active Sims, you might see a push notification of the visitor being attracted to your Sim.

After the Break Up task is finished You then have to hit Be Romantic once or twice to fill the partners bar again when that's completed your Dating Bar will appear!

I just found that out about five minutes ago by accident, I was trying to tap Be Romantic and I hit Be Rude by mistake which I'm glad I did because I have been frustrated all day trying to get my sims to dating!!

Here is some dried food – awful tasting stuff, but it will keep you alive. Use this key to enter the tomb and gather some of these Fruits.

Sending you to assist me is the best thing Morcu Corp has done in weeks! I have some personal concerns about the reputation of Morcu Corp and I believe the local citizenry is growing hostile.

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