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The Orlando leg will include a 40-mile section where new rail must be laid.That section will run alongside the Beachline before connecting to pre-existing tracks near Cocoa.Some teams featured in this spoof are more attractive than others and there’s a few who shouldn’t have been invited to participate.The hair may be going gray and the eyesight dim, but the yearning for social connection — for the touch of a hand, the sound of a companionable laugh — remains a person’s strongest need through the decades. United Way of Miami-Dade volunteers and staff discovered this when they launched Continue United, an effort to bring retirees and pre-retirees together to contribute their time and talent to the community through the local nonprofit. unless you’re SEC favorite and clear-cut elite’s latest ‘SEC shorts’ video makes a hilarious mockery of the College Football Playoff through speed dating, a quick get-to-know-you alternative to the selection committee’s drawn out saga for selecting the final four.This train doesn’t just do wonders for transportation. Over the next eight years, it will have a direct, positive impact on Florida’s economy. Driving from Miami to Orlando takes about four hours.During construction, it will create nearly 10,000 jobs. Brightline will allow passengers to cover that same distance in about three hours — while reading, relaxing or simply enjoying a more productive way to travel.

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I think the topic really did it.” Indeed, the documentary “The Age of Love” chronicles the hilarious and, yes, poignant adventures of 30 seniors who attend a first-of-its-kind speed dating event for 70- to 90-year-olds. “I called people who signed up for it and they were talking about wanting to meet other people, even just for companionship.” While the movie-and-dinner evening in Miami won’t involve any actual speed dating onsite, Machado hopes the film will encourage a robust and honest conversation about dating in later life.“The takeaway is that appearance, how the person looks on the outside, is just not as important as what’s inside.But what’s inside is hard to figure out from a picture on a dating website.” The idea to create Continue United was born after a national conference last year, when United Way executives realized that as baby boomers were retiring, their contributions to the nonprofit were falling — namely because most of the money that comes in is through payroll deduction.(This story has been updated to include a comment on the construction timeline from Brightline; see end of story.) This comes just months after Martin and Indian River counties filed federal lawsuits attempting to block the bond-based financing that Brightline planned to use to help finance the rail.According to the South Florida Business Journal, the latest delay means the private passenger high-speed train service from Orlando International Airport to Miami is 2.5 years behind its initial opening date.

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