Vox ac30 dating

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Such increased pricing in a post 9/11 economy caused AC-30 sales to sag. There's a silk screened "BV#" followed by the serial number . Vox MINI5 Rhythm Modeling 5-Watt Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amplifier Amp ... However, be prepared to find an experienced with Vox tech to get work done to it. This was in Bedford, UK, so I assume the company may have been based somewhere nearby. Serial numbers , unfortunately, are not a reliable means of dating early AC50s, that is to say, amps made from Dec. It was in late 1964 that the Italian factory began making Vox guitars, while British production of Vox . I've heard it quite often - the new Vox AC30's are pure shite. Find great deals on e Bay for Vox Amp in Electric Guitar Amplifiers.I thought that vox sound limited would make the amp from 1969 to 1979, Post by mgk70s transistor amps) and the top panel on the AC30 looks the same as theseother amps, same 'a vox product', same colour etc.I can post some photos if anyone thinks that would help them ...Hey guys, sorry to post off topic, but i think this thread will sink in a heartbeat on the amp forum.Anyways, Im trying to get a vox amp and found a guy is selling a 30watter for 200 bucks.

These early amps sported a thin white covering ("Rexine") with a small printed diamond pattern and larger diamond pattern grill cloth. I am interested in dating an AC30 and to do so I am trying to date thespeakers that are in it.The speakers are pretty much plain grey metal, but they have a black plasticcovering to fit over the top. Your amp was built in Marshall's main factory in week 42 of 1999. 10 04 - Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. 29 08 2016 - "Since 2000 all my amps are handmade in San Marcos, Texas. of this classic 30-watt combo amp, including new and vintage AC30s dating back to the .

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