Who is chris jenner dating now

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“He’s essentially an employee.” Earlier this month Gamble was spotted escorting the Kardashian girls — sans Kris — to Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy and was recently included in the family’s Easter Sunday celebrations in LA.According to the insider, Jenner maintains her financial arrangement with the Atlanta native because of his unwavering dedication to the TV family.“Their arrangement has become more of a publicity stunt and a ‘trade’ at this point,” continued the source.“They aren’t really in love and there isn’t much longevity.So even though Kris said on 'Bachelor Live' that she is single, it appears she and Corey are still dating. because she was also single at one point while raising four kids. Rumours were afloat about model Kendal Jenner and rapper Chris Brown dating after they were seen leaving a Paris hotel recently.Harrison asked her if she's single now, and she said "yes." But our Jenner sources say she's still solid with Corey Gamble.

In other Kendall Jenner news, a second report claimed her former relationship with Harry Styles, which came to an abrupt end in January after the two went public on a yacht, has gotten in the way of her pursue Brown romantically.

Kris Jenner wore a fabulous fur coat to Kyle Richards' birthday party earlier this week.

And Kris' younger boyfriend Corey Gamble was right at her side.

"[Gigi] loves the idea of her best friend dating Zayn's really close friend."Brown, 26, however, is not planning to take this relationship out of the friend zone anytime soon.

"He's really enjoying being her friend now," the source said.

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